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How to Buy an Old Truck, Part 1
How to Buy an Old Truck
Part 1 of a Series
by Bob Adler
cylinder head was off, all parts were back in and accounted for. Minimal rot. Drivetrain appears original on cursory inspection. Glass in all windows; all crank up and down.

1938 chevy Suburban: A perfect canidate for factory authentic restoration

1938chevvan2a.jpg - 2823 Bytes 1938chevvan2b.jpg - 3188 Bytes 1938chevvan2c.jpg - 2084 Bytes 1938chevvan2d.jpg - 2522 Bytes
Original pinstripe and paint visible Original headlights, not converted to sealed beams Door to quarter panel alignment is excellent Four original wheels and hubcaps present
1938chevvan2e.jpg - 2339 Bytes 1938chevvan2f.jpg - 2361 Bytes 1938chevvan2g.jpg - 2555 Bytes 1938chevvan2h.jpg - 2869 Bytes
Door handle does not sag Tailgate and liftgate work All seats present Unusual rear bumper in rechromable condition

Bob Adler is owner of Adler's Antique
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specializes in GM truck restoration.
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