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Winter Storage Article

Gasoline Specifications and Their Importance

Specification Importance
Antiknock Index (AKI)
  Research Octane Number (RON)
  Motor Octane Number (MON)
Low-to-medium-speed knock and run-on
High-speed knock/Part-throttle knock
Fuel Volatility
  Vapor Liquid (V/L) Ratio

  Vapor Pressure(RVP)
Vapor Lock
Cool-weather driveability, hot start and hot driveability, vapor lock, evaporates lisses, crankcase deposits, combustion-chamber and spark-plug deposits.
Low-temperature starting, evaporative losses, vapor lock
Copper Corrosivity Fuel-system corrosion
  Existent Gum
  Oxidation Stability
Induction-system deposits, filter clogging
Storage life
Sulfur Content Exhaust emissions, engine deposits and engine wear
Mettallic Additives (lead & Others) Catalyst deterioration (unleaded vehicles)
Temperature for Phase Separation Water tolerance of blended fuels
Charts and tables for this article are taken from Changes in Gasoline II Technician's Manual, Downstream Alternatives Inc., 1995.