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Winter Storage Article

Fall Maintenance Suggestions

  • Run the fuel tank close to empty.
  • Add some gasoline stabilizer and run the truck long enough to feed the mix through the carburator.
  • Change the crankcase oil. Use API "SJ" specification oil in most cases.
  • Grease all chassis points per lubrication chart.
  • Lube all hinges, latches, and catches that could rust up during winter.
  • Inspect fuel-system components, especially rubber hoses for cracking or softness.
  • Sniff for gas leaks. Do this while changing the oil and greasing the chassis.
  • Check fuel-tank cap.
  • Check tire pressure.
  • Make sure the transmission and differential have modern lubricants. Most can take gear lube of GL5 specification. This has an excellent additive package, including anti-oxidents, which will keep gears from corroding.
  • Park vehicle for winter after a long run.
  • Disconnect the battery.